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-M  e  a  s  u  r  e  m  e  n  t  s-
36   -   29   -   35

-H  e  i  g  h  t-

5  f  t  2  i  n

A little about me...

I hail from the charming streets of Baltimore, Maryland, a city with a heartbeat that resonates within me. However, the warm allure of Tampa, Florida, captured me in July 2023, and now, I find solace amidst its sunny shores. Despite this shift, I still nurture my ties with Baltimore, making frequent trips to my beloved hometown.

As a petite natural ginger, my soft skin is adorned with a sprinkling of freckles, each a testament to days spent under the sun. I cherish astrology, find serenity in beach escapades, revel in the rhythm of concerts and music festivals, and relish the thrill of exploring new destinations. In my quiet moments, you’ll find me lost in the pages of a book, accompanied by the gentle purring of my two cats.

My essence is a blend of sweetness, laid-back charm, humor, and a hint of dorkiness that I wear with pride. A social chameleon, I effortlessly adapt to any setting, ensuring those around me feel at ease in my presence. I find joy in diverse experiences, be it cheering at a sports game, wandering through uncharted city streets, luxuriating in tropical getaways, or savoring a simple dinner date.


 While my party days have mostly retired, I still savor the occasional night out at clubs or strip joints, basking in the energy of the moment. My true delight lies in forging intimate connections, where passion and beauty intertwine, creating moments that linger as cherished memories. Meeting new souls, embracing varied cultures, and spreading happiness are the tapestries of my existence, woven with care and intention.

Venus Michelle

My Favorites

Colors: Red & Black
Flowers: Roses
Food: Steak & Seafood
Drinks: Pepsi, Champagne & White Wine
Brands: Fashion Nova, Louboutin, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace & Calvin Klein
Jewelry: Diamond, Silver, White Gold & Black
Book Genre: Fantasy & Romance
Movie Genre: Action, Drama Fantasy & Romance
Locations: Anywhere tropical or beautiful & historic European cities.

Date Ideas

I find museums, beach days, boat outings, dinners, coffee dates, picnics, spa days, ballet performances, music festivals, concerts, shopping sprees, cozy nights in with movies, and any water-related activities to be delightful date ideas that truly capture my interest and imagination. Each of these experiences holds the promise of creating unforgettable moments filled with joy and shared connections.

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